Many theories methods and principals of bread making are based on a minimal and often flawed understanding.

This course will dispel those myths and explain what’s really going on.

On this course I will explain how we formulate a recipe.

The function of each ingredient, how it affects the dough and the final product; with this information you can adjust your recipe to give massively different results. Softer, crustier, faster, slower, longer lasting, better volume, better flavour, lower glycaemic index, more digestible it will be your choice as to how you want your bread.

I will show you different techniques for mixing, moulding, proving.

I will explain why each stage and process is used and the effects of those stages.

I’ll show you how to slash your bread and explain how to alter your baking to give you crusty or soft loaves, including the use of steam.

This course is best done over a few days or better still over a few weeks or months as there are so many little experiments you can do with each bit of knowledge you gain.

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